Friday, 28 January 2011

It's Luella Love!

Ever since 2002, when Luella launched the Gisele bag, it was lust at first sight but given that back then I was barely taking home more than about £500 a month, spending £500 on a handbag would have been impossible.

I'm a big fan of Mulberry, so given that Luella actually designed the bag for Mulberry, it's no surprise that it was going to appeal to me.

Last week, whilst browsing on Ebay, I spotted it in all it's glorious brown leather glory. The most perfect Luella Gisele bag, in mind condition, the seller must have only used it once or twice.
Although I was the top bidder at £160 I hadn't hit the seller's reserve, not a lady to let this precious bag get away from me, I contacted the seller directly. Her reserve had been £250, which to be honest was still a very reasonable price given the item literally was "as new" and even came with the original receipt but have to barter don't you ;)
The deal was struck at £220 including postage and packaging.
My bundle of joy arrived yesterday:

She is beautiful non?!

The condition of this bag far exceeds my expectations. It is quite a heavy bag but given the quality of the leather this is to be expected and I don't care if I end up looking like the Hunchbank of Notre Dame by the time I'm 50!

Inside, the lining is a light beige colour making it easy to spot all of your contents. There are two side pockets, ideal for mobile phones, blackberrys etc. Whilst there are no further dividers inside, the bottom of the bag is quite wide so everything is spread out level as opposed to piled on top of one another.

This bag is iconic and I am so proud to own one, my 8 year crush has finally been fulfilled.

Unfortunately, Luella was forced to close in 2009 due to financial reasons but her legacy lives on and many of her bags are there for the taking on Ebay at fantastic prices.

Have a browse, you know you want to ;)

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