Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Blue My Mind

I have been eager to try out Rimmel's 60 seconds polish, could a nail varnish really answer all my prayers and dry that quickly?!

The 60 seconds range is priced at £3.49, given the vibrant shades of these polishes I decided to go for shade 810 "Blue My Mind."
I made sure to use a base coat, as I didn't want to risk staining my nails which tends to happen with these darker shades.

According to the packaging, the brush is a "1 stroke Xpress brush", which gives "1 sec application". I have to be honest, they're correct.  As the brush is wider, it was so much easier to get an even line across the top of the cuticle and as you glide the brush down the nail, it widens out to give even courage.

I applied the blue 60 seconds polish, and waited a minute before apprehensively testing to see if it was dry. I was sure I would so my usual trick of  leaving a big fingerprint impression by testing it so soon but I was wrong, my nail was dry to the touch.

They claim only one coat is needed, one would perhaps have been enough but I like to make sure I get a good depth of colour so added a second.
The shade is gorgeous, it's a really vibrant midnight blue with a purple hue and the finish is long lasting.

A fantastic nail polish, great price, gorgeous shades in the range and your nails will be dry before you can say "big fat gypsy wedding!"

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