Monday, 14 February 2011

Feeling Grey

I'm making an effort to keep my nails immaculately painted at the moment but I hate it when you have to sit there for hours, waiting for them to dry (life's too short) so I thought I would try one of the polishes from Collection 2000's Hot Looks range.
At £1.79 you really can't go wrong and I've been dying to try a grey shade for ages so I went for Wham.

The brush is thicker than I normally come across which actually made application really easy.  I painted on two coats, the polish went on really evenly and to be honest I probably could have just applied one coat.  The product dried really quickly, it was dry to the touch literally after about 5 minutes and had a lovely glossy finish so I didn't need to apply a top coat.

Wham is a grey shade with very subtle blue undertones and I will be sporting this polish often over the next few months.

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