Thursday, 17 February 2011

Purchase of The Week!

My Purchase of The Week has to be my new bachelorette pad!

I'm so excited as I've never had my "own" place before.  It's two bedrooms (which means I can house my shoes, handbags, clothes and make-up in the spare room), a garden (so I can have the girls round for BBQ and Pimms in the Summer) and a garage (so I can throw all my junk in there).

I have to say as much as I'm really pleased that I'll finally be on the property ladder, it's very scary to think that money-wise it is all down to me.  I'm worried won't have as much disposable income to spend on my favourite things so I'm going to have to be overly nice to the boss and hope for a nice pay rise this year!

As you all know, I've not had the best year so far (two deaths and a break up) so I really feel that this is a turn around point for me and I'm so glad you'll all be there to share with me, my journey into property owning and singledom!


  1. Yey!! Good luck with it all :)
    I moved into my own flat in November also. Has two bedrooms and I changed one into a make-up room/walk in closet. I've got a post on my blog about it.
    I don't have my own garden though, or a garage :( and i'm only renting. Sucks! I can't see me ever getting on the property ladder with the price of deposits :(

    Linsay x

  2. Wow Linsay, your spare room sounds like heaven. I'm off to look at the post now x