Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Oh My Gok!

I'm so happy to hear the news that dear Auntie Gok will be designing his first clothing range exclusively for Sainsbury's Tu label.
I have long admired his philosophy that women should feel confident and sexy, whatever their size or shape. 

Plus Gok realises that whatever God giveth you in one department, he hath taketh away from you in another.

So you may have a fantastic chest but you may have bingo wings, you may have a flat stomach but then you may have thunder thighs, you may have the body of a supermodel but you may have stretchmarks.  Whatever you have, learn how to highlight your assets and shove the little imperfections into the background.

Unfortunately we have to wait until Autumn for his first collection to hit the shops and let's hope that Sainsbury's launch Tu online before then!

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  1. Thats exciting to hear, im a big gok fan too. Thanks for following me im glad to have found your blog xx