Monday, 16 May 2011

Ignorance IS Bliss

Every time I cross my hallway into the kitchen, I catch a glimpse of something disturbing out of the corner of my eye.  I refuse to look at it directly for fear of being faced with the truth.  I am ..........................................
..................a lazy bitch!

Yes, the ironing pile has been sat there since I got back from St Lucia two weeks ago.

Yes, the spare room resembles a Chinese laundry.

Yes, I'm on a month's detox, so not going out so much and therefore have more time on my hands.

Yes, I'm grateful that knickers don't need ironing.

I just cannot muster up the motivation to deal with "The Pile" at any point soon, so I have come up with the perfect solution.
Shut the door and pretend it's not there!  So far I have found this method to work extremely effectively and I'm beginning to wonder, when I do finally open the door, whether magical fairies would have come and done the ironing for me?

Here's hoping!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Holiday Saviours!

Hello Ladies!

Apologies for being rather slack of late, post engagement was a bit of an unexpected whirlwind and then we decided to celebrate with a two week holiday in St Lucia.

I won't irritate you all by talking about my holiday in detail but I had to tell you all about the two items which literally saved me during those two weeks.
First of all my Kindle.  Now before I bought this I was absolutely one of those "but I like holding a proper book" sceptics but I am well and truly converted.  When I go on holiday, I tend to read a book in two days so the entire bottom of my suitcase ends up being full of books.  Not only is a kindle smaller than a paperback it also weighs less so I took it with me in my hand luggage.

Unlike the screen of an ipad, if you imagine an Etch-A-Sketch, the Kindle is based on the same principal and can be read in direct sunlight.  As it is so light, you can literally hold it in one hand and there is no need to put your cocktail down to turn the pages, there are buttons on the side on the screen which can either take you to the next page or take you back a page.  Since the buttons are available on both sides of the screen, the Kindle can be read in either the left hand or the right.

I have a simple leather case for mine but I notice a lady reading hers at the side of the pool which she had in a waterproof case which I thought was a fantastic idea as there were children splashing around and if you're down on the beach, would also keep the pesky sand out!

I love my Kindle, £111 well spent in terms of value and storage!

Next on my saviour list is Charles Worthington Takeaways Hair Serum.  Most hair serums come in a big bottle with a pump, which runs the risk of serum ending up all over the inside of your suitcase.  This wonderful little 10ml tube from Charles Worthington is the perfect solution.
It only costs £1.93 and looks like a lip gloss, it's perfect for holidays or handbags.

Anyway, it's good to be back and I promise I won't leave it so long between blogs next time.

Happy Shopping!