Thursday, 2 June 2011

Prime Time

I know I've been very tardy with my blogs of late.  They've been written in my mind for weeks, I've just not gotten around to sitting down and typing them up so many apologies.  Consider my wrists well and truly slapped!

I had wanted to try a primer for a while, even though I don't wear foundation I'd read that it would even out my skin texture and minimise my pores.  Now I'm one of those girls that suffers from the curse of the T-Zone and hate the shiny patch which appears on my forehead every hour.  Historically, I would sit at my desk and reapply pressed powder every half an hour to avoid the look of some one that has been working behind the counter in a Fish and Chip shop.  So not only would I want my primer to improve the texture of my skin but also rid my of my pesky grease zone.

I've read many mixed reviews about No7's Shine Free Make-Up base but decided to give it a go.  It costs £11 for 40ml, Boots are currently running their 3 for 2 promotion across skincare so a good time to stock up if this is one of your staples.
When reading the back of the tube it claims to ‘contain Biopol which keeps the skin shine free up to 10 hours. Helps neutralise harmful bacteria and tighten pores, to minimise blemishes. Light reflective crystals disguise fine liens to create a flawless finish.'  I have to say that for me the blurb was all correct.

On application, you definitely need to let your moisturiser sink in first otherwise you won't get a nice even finish.  The base itself is a white thick cream consistency. Pat a few dots of this over your face then using your fingertips rub gently into the skin. I noticed straight away the effect, smoother skin and matified effect. After this I applied my make up as normal.

To be honest, throughout the entire day at work I didn't need to apply any face powder, so a massive 12 hours later I was still shine free and looking fresh.

The price seems reasonable for the amount of product you get in a tube. The packaging is a little bland but at the end of the day this base does its job so well, I wouldn't care if it came in an old food bag.

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