Monday, 1 August 2011

Splurge vs Save

In our quest for buns and thighs like Beyonce Knowles, we're all suckers for a short cut, myself more so than anyone else.  I suffer from laziness pure and simple, sure I could go to the gym but that involves effort, so when FitFlops hit the market I was one of the ones to fork out the best part of £40 for a pair.

Fear not ladies, laziness will no longer cost us a cringeworthy amount of money for a pair of flipflops with a funny sole.  One of the pairs of shoes below costs £8, the other £45, can you spot the difference?

The top pair are the Walk Yourself Fit Sequin Post toe sandals from, currently priced at £8 in their sale, £3.50 for P&P and you will receive 8% cashback through Quidco.

The bottom pair are the FitFlop Electra in Black, which on the official FitFlop website will set you back £45 plus £3.95 P&P.

To look at, the shoes are pretty much identical to one another, the same style, shape and sole.  For a saving of £37.45, you are receiving a product which is just as effective as its more expensive counterpart and looks just as good, leaving you to find something else to spend the spare cash on!

Happy Saving!

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