Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lulu Guinness for Red Nose Day

If ever there was a reason to go to Sainsbury's this is it!

Are you one of those people that suffers from minor heart palpitations at the thought of handing over a few hundred pounds for a handbag?  Then here is an opportunity to own a gorgeous, kookie bag designed by a British legend as well as helping out a good cause.

This year for Red Nose Day, Lulu Guinness has teamed up with Sainsbury's to design three limited edition tote bags.  Each of the three bags incorporates one of Lulu's signature designs with the iconic Red Nose Day nose.  The bags have been available instore since the 15th February and retail at £5, at least £1.50 of that will go directly to Comic Relief.

I've seen people selling these on Ebay for £16 which I have to say doesn't sit right with me somehow. Given this is for a charity, the fact that someone is profiting off the back of it for their own personal gain is wrong, pure and simple.

Nag over.

These bags are a total no brainer, go out and treat yourself to all three!

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