Monday, 23 February 2015

Weekend in Pictures

So my kids are one extreme to the other, they're either fighting over a cardboard box or they're cuddling and covering each other in kisses.  This was one of those rare moments where it was the latter! I'm so pleased that I managed to capture the spontaneous act of love between them, after all, they came from the same womb!

My Lulu Guinness Tangle Teezer arrived.  I will write a review shortly but I was so excited by her arrival that I had to share a picture. You can never have enough Tangle Teezers right!?

Saturday night I had a very rare girls night out.  I'm more of a stay at home, wearing my onesie and watching Take Me Out kind of girl these days but to be fair, once I got there I had a whale of a time. We went to Richmond-Upon-Thames for my lovely pal Mazz's birthday. Don't worry I didn't neck that whole bottle of champagne!!

Sunday, the kids had their first ever Pizza Express. As you can see from the orange around their faces it was a success.  We've been taking them out for meals more often as I think it's really important for them to learn how to sit at the table, not just at home but also in public and mind their manners.  I was worried it was going to be a disaster but they were so well behaved and it wasn't as stressful as I was worried it might be!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend too gang!

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