Thursday, 19 March 2015

Brand Awareness | Doll 10 Cosmetics

I thought it would be fun to introduce you all to some lesser known cosmetics brands.  We all see the same names in the drugstores and on the shelves, sometimes you can discover some amazing products if you move away from the mainstream and give some less renowned brands a try.

So allow me to introduce you to Doll 10 Cosmetics.

Doll 10 was founded by Doris Dalton, get it play on her surname to the name of the brand?  Doris is a doctor who spent two decades developed products for some of the world's most coveted brands.  It was after Doris successfully beat cancer that she decided to create her own brand with products specifically designed to help address her physically altered appearance which was a side effect of her cancer battle.

One of those products has become an absolute must have which is Brow Fix.  It's a lovely cream product infused with natural fibers which mimics brow hairs and deposits onto the skin and not just the hair giving full scuplted brows.

The best place to buy Doll 10 products is QVC.  I don't get to watch TV often but I have managed to catch a couple of the shows showcasing Doris and her products.  The best part about Doris and her presenting, is that she's not afraid to take her make-up off in front of the camera, show us blemishes and redness on her skin and then wow us with the fantastic coverage her products give.

One of the benefits of purchasing via QVC is that due to their fantastic buying power, they are able to offer us fantastic deals and discounts.  The products shown were all part of their Doll 10 Today's Special Value which only cost me £31.98 for about £100 worth of products.

I hope you've found this an interesting read?  Are there any wonder products from lesser known brands you would recommend to me?

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