Tuesday, 24 March 2015

No More e.l.f. cosmetics in the UK?!

Honestly, I'm in shock, gutted and feel a sense of loss looming on the horizon.

Grab a glass of wine and a box of kleenex ladies, Distribeauty who distribute e.l.f. products to us here in the UK have decided to stop retailing on their behalf!  This means that once their warehouse is empty, there is no one else currently lined up to bring e.l.f.'s affordable range to us here in the United Kingdom.

I'm so shocked, I know I and many many of you have several of their items in your cosmetics collection.  The only reason I found out this news is because I logged onto their website to order some of my favorite matte lip colour sticks from them.

I always found the prices of their products absolutely amazing and on top of that they would still often have 40-50% off voucher codes knocking around on the internet.  How many of their products have been dupes for their more expensive counterparts?

Am I mentioned, they are in the process of selling off what is left in their warehouse so there are some great deals still to be had with up to 70% off some items.

@ e.l.f cosmetics, if I could buy a warehouse and distribute for you I would but please please don't desert us, we'll miss your simple black packaging, amazing product ranges and dupes.


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