Monday, 2 March 2015

Weekend in Pictures

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and St David's day!

Saturday we had some friends come to visit for the day, we hadn't seen each other since September so was lovely to catch up and finally exchange Christmas presents. We took the little ones for a walk and to feed the birds.  These swans were enormous! I actually felt a little bit nervous with how close they were getting to the kids.

After a bit of fresh air and having burnt off a few calories it was back to ours for the calorific lasagne I had prepared, although my favorite course of a meal is the cheeseboard. I will always skip dessert and save myself for a big slab of stilton.

B.C. (Before Children) a very close friend and I always used to have a "Sunday Sermon".  Nothing to do with religion, just a pub, wine, bunch of trashy mags and gossip ... heaven.  I was given a 3 hour pass away from the little ones which was hugely needed.  "Sunday Sermons" are few and far between these days which makes me appreciate them even more.

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