Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sneak Peak | New Wagamama Dish

Today Wagamama launch their new menu. Seeing as I spend far too much time in my local restaurant than any normal person, when I popped in for a quick lunch yesterday I was treated to a sneak taste of one of their new starters.

May I present the new stuffed tempura mushrooms.  When the waitress brought this over I felt a little worried as I HATE mushrooms, seriously I can't stand the smell of them cooking and they remind me of slugs when they're all slimy but out of guilt I felt I had to be polite and give them a go.

I needn't have worried these were sublime.  Wrapped in a light tempura was a wonderful combination of firm, fresh mushrooms with prawn and garlic served with a spicy sauce.  It really was divine and I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed these.

There are so many things on the new menu I can't wait to try but next time you visit I thoroughly recommend this dish.

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